Beautiful Pregnant Belly Art

More women are choosing an artistic way to honor their babies-to-be with an amazing Pregnant Belly Art preserved with the help of photography. eXotats body Art will be honored to assist you in creating unique keepsakes of a very special time!
Pregnant belly art and body paint models can be painted in the comfort of their home or in our studio. Our artists use only hypoallergenic FDA approved water based makeup of major professional brand names in the body art industry.

A Gift Certificate for a pregnant belly painting is a unique baby shower gift and a great way to celebrate a pregnancy!


Jelly Belly Pregnant Belly Art

Belly painting - Jelly Belly Pregnant Belly ArtPhoenix-based artist Mark Greenawalt created this painting in front of a live audience as part of a jellyfish-themed gallery exhibition in Phoenix. Gallery goers munched on jelly beans while a band played in the next room.


Diamondback Pregnant Belly Art

Belly Painting - Diamondback Pregnant Belly ArtThis model requested a baseball theme in honor of the baby boy she was carrying. “Painting the belly to look like a ball works really well,” says Greenawalt. He painted this design at his home as the father looked on, and snapped this photo at home plate on a local baseball diamond.


And Tigger, Too Pregnant Belly Art

Belly Painting - Pooh Bear And Tigger, Too Pregnant Belly ArtThis pregnant belly art painting was the first for Greenawalt, who has a day job as an electrical engineer. These days, he no longer has models go topless. “The belly paintings are so sweet, nice and happy that I just don’t feel like the nudity plays well,” he says. Greenawalt often creates designs inspired by the baby’s bedroom d?cor.


Just Keep Swimming: Coordinating Pregnant Belly Art

Belly painting - Just Keep Swimming Coordinating Pregnant Belly ArtThese best friends wanted to get coordinating designs. “We went through all kinds of things that come in threes,” says Greenawalt. After rejecting building blocks and the Disney ducks Huey, Dewey and Louie, they settled on aquatic cartoon characters.


This is Round Two: Winnie the Pooh Pregnant Belly Art

Belly Painting - Round Two PhhoBear Piglet Pregnant Belly Art During her second pregnancy, the mother whose belly was decorated with Nemo in the previous picture came back for more. “She just had a blast the first time we did it,” says Greenawalt. “She was talking to the little boy about his little sister who was coming.”


Coming Attractions Pregnant Belly Art

Belly Painting - Coming Attractions Pregnant Belly ArtMark Greenawalt painted this design at the expectant mom’s home while her three young children looked on. Because stencils are impractical on bulging bellies, he works freehand. Pregnancy is “a pretty special time in the woman’s life,” says Greenawalt, a father of two. “I like being part of it.”


Rock ‘n Roll Shocking Baby Pregnant Belly Art

Belly Painting - Rock 'n Roll Shocking Baby Pregnant Belly Art - Alice Cooper's 1973 album Billion Dollar BabiesMark Greenawalt painted two different designs on this model. One was a carousel pony in pastel pinks and purples. The other, above, was inspired by the cover of rock group Alice Cooper’s 1973 album Billion Dollar Babies. “Every other one is kind of a sweet, cute, happy time, and that was more of a shock value,” says Greenawalt. “She was totally into it.”

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