eXotats Photo-Booth Print Options

The following samples are your print choices. Each session of either the 3 or 4 pose photo strips produces 2 strips. Each session of the postcard produces 1 copy. The 4 pose strip is the most common used and are popular for weddings and private parties. The 3 pose strip is popular for corporate and charity events, as it provides more graphic and text space. All options come with customized graphic and text. Hosts or guests can choose color or monochrome (Black&White or Sepia) prints for their session.



Photo Booth Classic 4 Pose Double Strip

eXotats-PhotoBooth-2x6-DBL-Layout-Basic-Photo eXotats-PhotoBooth-2x6-DBL-Layout-Basic-Sample-Photo

Basic Double Strip w Text/Graphic Area

(sample on right with Text & Custom Border Added)

eXotats-PhotoBooth-2x6-DBL-Layout-Basic-with-Logo-&-Borders-Photo eXotats-PhotoBooth-2x6-DBL-Layout-Basic-with-Logo-&-Borders-Sample-Photo

4×6 Postcard Print

(many custom layouts with backgrounds, Text & Logo available)

eXotats-Photobooth-4x6-Layout-with-Logo-&-Borders-Layout-Photo eXotats-Photobooth-4x6-Layout-with-Logo-&-Borders-Sample-photo

More Samples


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