Glitter Tattoos at eXotats Body Art

Face Painting is great, beautiful and fun… but it washes right off with water, so it may not be the best choice for all occasions. We usually recommend Face Painting to apply in the morning or early afternoon, so kids could enjoy them for a while before the evening shower…

…but how can an eXotats Body Art Face Painter entertain at your wet and wild or evening event?

“GLITTER TATTOOS” is the answer!

exotats body art temporary glitter tattoos - stars sun leg tattoo

Glitter Tattoos are semi-permanent, so they last as little as two days and have been known to last up to a few weeks with care! When you don’t want them any more, Glitter tattoos can be removed with anything oily, like baby oil or lotion. Rubbing alcohol works very also well. These don’t come off in the water or in steamy, summer weather!

eXotats Body Art is your Glitter Tattoos distributor

eXotats Body Art is your source for Glitter Tattoos, providing glitter tattoo products, supplies & services. eXotat’s Temporary Glitter Tattoos never fail to add more fun and sparkle to any type of parties & events. Our endless variety of sparking tattoo designs cater to a wide range of celebrations from birthday parties, mitzvahs, bachelorette parties & corporate events.

eXotats Body Art on-line store now also features Glitter tattoos’ Supplies!

Make wonderful Glitter Tattoos with quality supplies from eXotats Body Art. Check out our wide range of stencil designs, skin tested body glue, sparkling polyester glitters
and kits designed for hobbyists & professionals. Visit the online store of our distributor and be part of the fastest growing body art form in the World.

Glitter Tattoos for Corporate Events and Promotions

“We can never underestimate the power of branding.”

exotats body art temporary glitter tattoos - E! corporate logo belly tattoo

Imagine your product brand or company logo on your target market’s skin. Glitter Tattoos are great conversation starters. They also last up to a week. People will be talking and walking with your product or brand name days after your event!

Glitter Tattoo party In Saskatoon

eXotats Body Art’s Glitter Tattoos Parties are now a favorite in top party and event places in Saskatoon. Party organizers & entertainers are welcome to add eXotats to their party packages. eXotats Body Art is now a regular fixture in birthday parties, mitzvahs & corporate events in Saskatoon. Children love our beautiful, whimsical, elegant GLITTER TATTOOS! They are great for all ages, boys and girls, men and women alike! Don’t let the glitter throw you, boys! Superman and Skulls never looked so good!

exotats body art temporary glitter tattoo flaming skull

The eXotats Artists can also bring the Glitter Tattoos entertainment to your home.