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Face Painting & Body Art Party Service

Hire an eXotats Face Painting Artist for your event!

eXotats offers a gorgeous, colorful face paintings!

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Add fun to your life using eXotats Face Painting services!

With our face painting service, eXotats body Art have added enjoyment to the patrons during major festivals and events in in Saskatoon & Western Canada. Face painting designs from beautiful butterflies & cute animal designs to Pirates, Lizards, Dragons and many others like tribal faces, happy faces, scary faces, colorful flowers, various masks, popular movie characters such as Darth maul, Spider-man, Batman or Avatar, iconic sports and national pride colors…

eXotats Face Painting, which usually last all day is 100% safe. We use only professional makeup products made of safe and FDA approved ingredients; safe on skin and able to come off with soap water or baby wipes.

Going to a party or a night club? Get a unique, mysterious glow-in-the dark mask and turn heads of your peers.

Want to have your guests leave with a reminder of your party?

Add this facet to your next party to and leave your mark…

For larger parties you can request more artists. All prices are based on per artist-hour, so we’re very flexible and easily able to meet your requirements. By adding additional artists you can also mix & match our services. Your guests can enjoy Airbrush Tattoos, Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos & Professional Photography to document your even and capture the fun memories to make it last longer and share with friends and family.

If you would like a specific theme of tattoos for your event, please contact us and we’ll be happy to design and create custom stencils for your event; for example Valentine Day, charity, Corporate logos, ethnic designs, flags & colors of any group, club or society, love, tropical, dragons, children, tribal, etc…

Use Event Reservation/Inquiry Form to let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to accommodate your requirements.

We charge a minimum of 1hr providing Airbrush Tattoos, Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos or Professional Photography Service for all local trips in Saskatoon.

For out-of-town events please remember to book a minimum 2 hours of service and add Driving Time

Based on our previous experience, we can paint 6-20 faces or provide in average of 10-20 tattoos per hour, however the amount is NOT guaranteed, as each Face Painting & Airbrush Tattoo design requires different amount of time, depending on it’s size, complexity of detail and number of colors used).

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