Airbrush Tanning

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Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush tanning equipment can cover you instantly with a nice looking, sunless tan. Although temporary, lasting results can be obtained with a session lasting 5 to 6 hours. At that point Dihydroxyacetone reacts with amino acids in the skin, developing a nice, even tan without streaks or visible orange spots.

The airbrush tanning equipment system uses Dihydroxyacetone, which is FDA approved as a safe tanning solution with exposure to harmful UV rays. It is well documented that UV rays causes premature aging, and is harmful to the body?s immune system. Damaged DNA can cause mutations which lead to cancer.

We expose our body to these harmful rays in the name of beauty, but when safe alternatives are available, there is no need to put ourselves in danger this way. A sunless tanning system, like airbrush tanning will keep our body young looking and healthy by avoiding the harmful effects of UV rays.

Good airbrush tanning equipment will allow for a nice looking tan without streaky results common with most at home tanning systems. Properly maintained, the airbrush tanning equipment will give you a year round, beautiful tan.

Steps that should be taken with the airbrush tanning equipment to get a beautiful and safe airbrush tan:

  • First you?ll want to scrub your skin thoroughly before the airbrush tanning equipment session to remove all dead skin cells.
  • Avoid the use of perfumes, sun screens, lotions and deodorants or your tan will fade much quicker.
  • Do not shower, or participate in hard physical activity for 8 hours or so after your airbrush tanning equipment session.
  • Apply a moisturizer three to four times a day after your airbrush tanning equipment session, You?ll want to avoid swimming in chlorinated water. This will cause the tan to fade.

The one drawback to the airbrush tanning equipment system is that it does not protect your skin against UV rays, so you will have to use small amounts of sunscreen to exposed areas of your body to protect against them. Salons can be found worldwide that specialize in this airbrush tanning equipment, and a simple search can find one near you in short order.

Many of these airbrush tanning salons offer other services as well, so you can make it a sort of all in one trip when you go. You?ll be able to completely pamper yourself with a manicure, pedicure and a tan! In any case, you simply cannot go wrong with airbrush tanning equipment. Airbrush tanning equipment is safe and doesn?t cause skin problems associated with UV rays.